Satoshi’s Bitcoin White Paper Removed from Apple’s macOS

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Alex Dovbnya

Apple has removed the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper from its latest macOS Ventura beta

Apple has recently removed the Bitcoin white paper, penned by the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto, from its latest macOS Ventura beta, 9to5Mac reports

The white paper, which had been hidden in the macOS system files since 2018’s Mojave version, was discovered by tech blogger Andy Baio. Apple never offered an official explanation for the white paper’s inclusion, leading many to speculate that it was an inside joke among Apple engineers or a nod to the growing significance of cryptocurrencies.

The removal of the Bitcoin white paper has left cryptocurrency enthusiasts curious about Apple’s motivations. The company has remained tight-lipped on the subject, fueling further speculation.

It’s worth noting that Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly acknowledged owning cryptocurrency in 2021, making the inclusion of the white paper an interesting development.

However, it’s unclear whether Cook or other Apple executives played a role in the white paper’s presence or removal.

The discovery of the Bitcoin white paper within macOS operating systems was a topic of intrigue among Apple users, sparking debates over the company’s relationship with cryptocurrencies.

Some argue that the presence of the white paper could have been a subtle endorsement of Bitcoin and the blockchain technology underpinning it, while others believe it was simply a practical choice given the document’s compact size, making it suitable for testing purposes.

The mystery surrounding the inclusion and subsequent removal of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper from macOS remains unresolved. With Apple maintaining its silence on the matter, users are left to ponder the implications and the tech giant’s stance on cryptocurrencies. In the meantime, the cryptocurrency community will be closely monitoring Apple’s actions to discern any potential shifts in the company’s attitude towards digital assets.

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