Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller Shorts Dollar, Here’s Why It’s Beneficial for Crypto

Arman Shirinyan Billionaire believes U.S. dollar will soon face increased pressure Billionaire investor Stanley Druckenmiller recently revealed that he has taken a short position on the U.S. Dollar, anticipating that the Federal Reserve will soon have to cut interest rates in response to an economic downturn. This move could prove highly beneficial for cryptocurrencies like … Read more

Circle CEO blames US crypto crackdown for declining USDC market cap

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire in a recent interview said that the cryptocurrency crackdown by the United States regulators was a major factor behind its stablecoin USD Coin’s (USDC) declining market capitalization. Circle chief’s comments on the U.S. crackdown come amid heavy regulatory scrutiny following the collapse of the FTX exchange, a banking crisis and USDC’s … Read more

CertiK says it highlighted ‘centralization risks’ in Merlin DEX audit

Merlin, a decentralized exchange (DEX) based on Ethereum (ETH) layer-2 protocol zkSync, confirmed it was exploited despite being audited by smart-contract auditor CertiK. The DEX advised everyone connected to its site to revoke their wallets/sign permission. The team added that it was analyzing the exploit and urged everyone to follow its issued instruction. Merlin was … Read more

Lightning Network Proves More Efficient Than Credit Card Processors

Comparing Bitcoin’s Lightning Network to legacy credit card processing makes it clear that Lightning settles payments much more efficiently and affordably. The article below is an excerpt from a recent edition of Bitcoin Magazine PRO, Bitcoin Magazine’s premium markets newsletter. To be among the first to receive these insights and other on-chain bitcoin market analysis … Read more

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