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4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Stalk Their Ex

Breakups will be robust, and whereas some individuals transfer on rapidly, others would possibly discover it exhausting to let go. On the planet of astrology, sure zodiac indicators are extra susceptible to lingering ideas about their exes. Whether or not it’s checking social media or by accident bumping into them at their favourite spots, these 4 zodiac indicators are probably to stalk their exes.


Scorpio is thought for his or her depth and keenness, which extends to their relationships. When a Scorpio falls in love, they accomplish that deeply and fully. This emotional funding could make it tough for them to maneuver on after a breakup. Scorpios tend to turn into fixated on their previous relationships, usually resorting to covert strategies to maintain tabs on their ex.

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Their pure curiosity and investigative nature can lead them down the rabbit gap of social media stalking and even asking mutual mates for updates. For Scorpios, it’s not nearly staying knowledgeable; it’s about understanding what went fallacious and discovering closure in their very own manner.

Most cancers

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Cancers are extremely emotional and delicate, which makes breakups notably difficult for them. They have an inclination to carry on to the previous and have a tough time letting go of individuals they as soon as liked. A Most cancers would possibly discover themselves scrolling by way of previous images, reminiscing concerning the good occasions, and questioning if there’s an opportunity to rekindle the romance.

Their nurturing nature makes them need to guarantee their ex is okay, usually main them to examine in from a distance. This signal’s tendency to care deeply and their reluctance to let go could make them one of many zodiac indicators probably to maintain tabs on their ex.


Taurus people worth stability and luxury of their relationships. When a relationship ends, it disrupts their sense of safety, making it exhausting for them to maneuver on. Taurus is thought for his or her stubbornness and persistence, which may translate into them maintaining a tally of their ex to make sure they’ve made the correct determination.

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They could not brazenly admit it, however a Taurus is more likely to examine social media or casually ask mutual mates about their ex’s whereabouts and actions. This have to really feel reassured and their pure inclination in the direction of routine could make it tough for a Taurus to totally let go.


Pisces is a deeply emotional and empathetic signal, usually feeling the ache of a breakup extra intensely than others. They’re dreamers and romantics, which implies they maintain on to the thought of what might have been. A Pisces would possibly discover themselves misplaced in ideas about their ex, imagining completely different eventualities and what-ifs.

This signal’s pure instinct and tendency to reside of their heads can make them often inspect their ex by way of social media or different means. Pisces’ compassionate nature makes them need to guarantee their ex is doing effectively, even when it’s from afar, which may generally border on stalking.

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Figuring out the aftermath of a breakup isn’t simple, and these zodiac indicators would possibly battle greater than others to fully sever ties with their exes. Whereas conserving tabs on an ex can generally present momentary consolation, it’s necessary to seek out wholesome methods to maneuver ahead and embrace new beginnings.


Which zodiac signal stalks their ex essentially the most?

Scorpio is usually thought of the probably to stalk their ex resulting from their intense and investigative nature.

Do Cancers ever recover from their exes?

Cancers can transfer on, however it usually takes them longer than different indicators due to their deep emotional attachment.

Why do Taurus stalk their exes?

Taurus stalks their exes to regain a way of stability and to reassure themselves about their selections.

Are Pisces recognized for checking up on their exes?

Sure, Pisces are recognized for his or her empathetic nature and sometimes inspect their exes to make sure they’re okay.

Is it frequent for Scorpios to make use of social media to stalk their ex?

Completely, Scorpios usually use social media as a instrument to maintain tabs on their ex discreetly.

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